Less tech.
More talk.

RAND + BLACK is a strategic brand and digital marketing consultancy on a mission to re-energize your core business objectives and create noteworthy customer experiences amid the peril and promise of new, disruptive social technologies.

Businesses have struggled to understand the transformational implications of innovation as it races through the economy. Instead of recognizing emerging technologies as brand-new opportunities to have a conversation, too many businesses still see the internet and social platforms as sales funnels and broadcast marketing channels. In this out-dated model, catchy slogans are created, tired marketing scripts are pushed and the shiny, tech gizmo is the star. Too much media, not enough social.

By engaging in more meaningful interactions with your customers, you can create opportunities for real insight, knowledge building and value creation – Social ROI, online and offline – with technology supporting, not dominating the conversation.

You know your business. We know technoSocial. Let's talk.

Your customers want to have a conversation. Interested?

No? That's ok... they'll talk about you anyway.

In the old days...

Social Media used to be called...talking.

Facebook is not email

And a 'LIKE' is not the same as an email opt-in.


Business + Strategy

We'll help you reconnect with your original vision and business objectives.... and design strategies and initiatives that align perfectly.

Web Design + Development

Leverage our three decades of web development knowledge to create noteworthy customer experiences.

Social ROI

With the right connection between your business and social technologies... your products and services become their own marketing platform.


Daniela Fernandez, Business Director

Daniela Fernandez is a contributor to the upcoming book Social ROI and principal for the Rand & Black media consultancy. Her advice is sought internationally and previous engagements include database design, information systems design, intranets, community design, e-commerce implementations and many others. Daniela brings 10 years of experience and an enthusiastic curiosity together on a mission to help businesses discover their true value in this fast-changing, media landscape.


Rob Hunter, Strategy Director

Rob has been developing internet media strategy for more than twenty years, designing & programming hundreds of web architecture projects across a wide range of client groups, development environments and database infrastructures. He also has significant experience internationally, having developed corporate websites, intranets, LMS integrations and mobile web applications in the Middle East, Latin America, China and Southeast Asia.